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Beef Products

These are some of the popular beef products that we carry.  This is not a complete listing of products we carry.  If you are looking for something that is not listed please contact us.  We will be happy to assist you in your search.  

Accuration Range Supplement

An Intake Modifying Technology™ meal supplement that when feed according to recommendations, balances the nutritional deficiencies in fair-quality forages or poor quality forages.  Designed specifically for the cow, heifer development, growing stockers or yearlings, bull conditioning prior to breeding, bull development, and even creep feeding.  For more information on Accuration Range Supplement click on the bag.

4 Square Breeder Cubes

A protein supplement fed daily to beef cattle to balance the nutritional deficiencies in fair-quality forage or poor-quality forage. For more information on 4 Square Breeder Cubes click on the bag. 

Accuration Starter 

This sole ration is a complete, coarse-textured feed designed with roughage for weaning calves that utilizes the Intake Modifying Technology® process. This starter feed contains RX3™ Immune Support Technology to help prepare calves’ natural defenses to optimize their response to stress and common calf health challenges. Please click on the bag for more information.

Accuration Grower

Purina® Accuration® Grower is pelleted supplement for mixing coarse cracked corn or shelled corn and by-product ingredients for grower feedlot cattle this is formulated to provide intake modifying properties to the complete ration.  Please click on the bag for more information.

Accuration Finisher 

A supplement for mixing with coarse cracked corn for finishing cattle weighing over 650 lb or dairy beef steers weighing over 400 lb that is formulated to provide intake modifying properties to the complete ration.  It supports a reduced need for roughage in rations which may improve feed efficiency, reduce storage and handling costs as well as decreasing manure production.  Please click on the bag for more information.

Stocker Grower

Purina® 4-Square Stocker Grower is protein and energy supplement formulated to balance nutrient deficiencies in spring and summer forages. Please click on the bag for more information.
Rangeland Calf Creep

Purina® Rangeland® Calf Creep is a supplement that is designed for suckling beef calves.  It supplements the cow’s milk to improve the growth rate of calves with good genetic potential.  Please click on the bag for more information.

Wind & Rain Storm Front Minerals

Maintaining the weight and reproductive performance of your cattle is important.  Purina® offers cattle mineral designed to optimize performance by providing:  ​

  • Consistent, Targeted Intake.  Reduces variation in mineral intake and is readily consumed at target intake levels.

  • Balanced Mineral Nutrition.  Contains the proper balance of all 14 essential macro and micro minerals to help address forage deficiencies and meet cattle requirements year-round.

  • Weather Resistance.  Stands up to the elements through its large particle size, making it harder to blow away and easier for water to pass through.  Please click on the bags and tub for more information.

Rangeland Protein Tubs

RangeLand® Protein Tubs are a free choice supplement designed for beef cattle on forage diets. The low moisture, cooked molasses products in biodegradable fiber or non-returnable plastic containers will enhance intake and utilization of available forages, while reducing labor for producers.  Please click on the tub for more information.

Accuration Tubs & Blocks

 A premium, weather-resistant, protein block with Intake Modifying Technology®, formulated with vitamins, minerals, and a higher level of fat that is designed to provide additional energy to balance nutrient deficiencies in fair quality forages such as, native or improved grass hay or poor quality forages such as, dormant grasses or crop residues or for cattle lacking energy in their diet.  Please click on the tubs for more information.

Steakmaker Grower & Steakmaker Finisher

These economical supplements are designed for growing and finishing cattle. SteakMaker supplements include many different feed formulations designed with flexibility to provide optimum nutrition that beef cattle need.  Please click on bag for more information.

Honor Show Chow Grand 4-T Fyer

Honor® Show Chow® Grand 4-T-Fyer™ concentrate is a blended supplement that can be mixed with corn, oats, barley and beet pulp to provide a high quality ration for show cattle. This flexible feed allows you to adjust the grain level to fit your goals and needs for breeding cattle, steers and feeder calves.


Please click on bag for more information.

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