Pigeon Products

These are some of the popular pigeon products that we carry.  This is not a complete listing of products we carry.  If you are looking for something that is not listed please contact us.  We will be happy to assist you in your search.  

Des Moines No Corn Flying Pigeon Mix

Des Moines Feed Flyer Pigeon Mix is an excellent versatile ration for racers and show birds. This blend contains 40 percent various peas. It should be fed straight for a show conditioner or add 30-40 percent corn to increase energy for racing.

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Des Moines No Corn Regular Pigeon Mix

Des Moines Feed No Corn Pigeon Mix is a favorite economical ration for general purposes. The blend contains 22 percent peas and is ideal for summertime feeding.

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Des Moines No Corn Special Pigeon Mix

Des Moines Feed Special No Corn Pigeon Mix is a good value in a nutritional utility blend. It contains 20 percent peas. You can add corn as needed in the winter months.

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Des Moines Cleaned Pigeon Barley
  • Superb western grown white barley

  • 2-row malting barley

  • Heavy test weight; triple cleaned

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