Swine Products

These are some of the popular swine products that we carry.  This is not a complete listing of products we carry.  If you are looking for something that is not listed please contact us.  We will be happy to assist you in your search.    

LeanMetrics EcoSelect Premix

LEANMetrics® EcoSelect® Premix w/ Phytase is designed as a low inclusion rate premix to be added to corn and soybean meal. Formulation maximizes the use of synthetic lysine to minimize soybean meal additions. Phytase is utilized to enhance Phosphorus availability from corn and soybean meal allowing lower inorganic Phosphorus rates in the ration and the environment.

New Balance 40 Concentrate

New Balance 40 Concentrate is 40% protein, multi- purpose
supplement that when mixed with grain meets the nutritional requirements
of growing-finishing pigs.

Purina Sow 100 Phytase Premix

Purina® Sow 100-Phytase Premix is a premix for breeding swine.

UltraCare 350 Pig Starter

UltraCare® 350 is a pelleted, complete starter feed formulated to support the nutritional needs for pigs 17 to 30 lbs.

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UltraCare 500 Pig Starter
  • UltraCare® 500 is a pelleted, complete starter feed formulated to support the nutritional needs of pigs from 30 lbs. to end of nursery.


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Gentle Lax Pak

Gentle Lax Pak® is a combination of natural laxative ingredients for gilts, sows and boars, engineered to be palatable with a gentle, natural stool-softening action. Gentle Lax Pak® can be fed top-dressed at 1 to 3 oz./sow/day or mix in the diet at a rate of 10 to 30 lbs./ton of feed. Adjust the inclusion rate to achieve the desired stool consistency response.


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Honor Show Chow Showpig Base 

Honor® Show Chow® Showpig Base concentrate is a variable inclusion product that can be mixed with corn, soybean meal, a fat source and premix to produce high quality pig starters and show pig feeds for pigs weighing 15 lbs and up.


New and improved Showpig Base now formulated with exclusive Ambitine® feed technology to support proper gut health and feed intake.

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Show-Rite Show Pig 10.0 A2

Show-Rite® Show Pig 10.0 A2 is a grind and mix premix to be used at home or to make custom rations. This great premix allows you to build rations from a 19% to a 16%. Easy to use and highly successful.

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