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What we have to offer:


IWe are a feed, seed, fertilizer, and merchandise store and grain elevator, located in the heart of Hamel, IL one minute from I-55.  We carry feed and supplies for every animal A to Z.  We can help you from your backyard to your barnyard. 

Purina Mills Certified Expert Dealer

In 1944 Hamel Co-op Grain Company became a Purina Mills feed dealer.  We are proud to carry Purina Mills as our flagship brand.  We strive to provide our customers with the Purina Mills constant nutrition formulations and top quality ingredients.  Purina stands behind every bag of feed we sell.  For more information on the Purina products we sell visit 

Grain Elevator

We are a full service grain elevator and grain marketing company.  We work with river terminals and our customer base for direct delivery.  We purchase corn, soybeans, and wheat in Hamel.  The original elevator was built in 1911 by W.L Wolf, it still stands and is in use today on the south east corner of our property.  We added a grain leg behind the store in 1990's for fast unloading.  Contact us to find out all of the grain marketing options that we offer. 


We carry bulk fertilizers along with bagged fertilizers.  We have 3 custom blends of bagged fertilizers along with the Greenskeeper's Secret line of weed and feed for your lawn .  With our bulk fertilizer we can create custom blends for your farm, yard, plot, or garden.  

Crop Seed Dealer

We are a proud Asgrow Dekalb dealer since 1990.  Asgrow Dekalb has excellent varieties and hybrids to fit your farm and we are proud to have it as our flagship brand.  We would love to help you find the best variety and hybrid to fit your needs.  Contact us to find out what Asgrow Dekalb products best fit your farm or visit  As farming has evolved and there are more speciality crops in the STL market we have added AgriGold and Merschman Seeds to our seed portfolio to meet the needs our our customer base.  


We are a full service store.  We offer delivery services, we will carry out and load your purchases for you, you can call in your orders in advance or we will get them together while you wait.  We offer field scouting and soil sampling services with our business partners.  If we don't have something that you are looking for just ask.  We would be happy to find it for you if possible.  We strive to offer the best customer service possible.  Including having a Certified Crop Adviser on staff.  

We carry a wide range of merchandise in the store: beekeeping supplies, wildbird and wildlife feed and supplies, pet and livestock feed and supplies, pond and garden supplies, pest control, fencing materials, greeting cards, toys, gifts and more.  We have products for a variety of animals; bees, chickens, horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, pond fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, and other small pets, wildbird, wildlife, and more.  We are also happy to order in supplies that we do not carry to meet your needs.   

Stop by and see what we have to offer at  Hamel Co-op Grain!

Hamel Co-op Grain Company is more than a grain elevator.  We are a locally owned business.  We are owned by the people that shop here.  Unlike other co-operative there is no membership fee.  Simply by doing business here you are a patron and a owner of the business.  We have a variety of merchandise in the store including food and supplies for; cats, dogs, bees, chickens, cattle, horses, goats, sheep, alpacas, llamas, mini pigs, exotics, wildlife, and more.  We have trained experts on staff and in the store to answer any questions you may have regarding livestock, pets, crops, gardens, and more. 


Amy Rogier is a Certified Crop Adviser with the American Society of Agronomy and is happy to help you with anything that you need. She is also a experience crop consultant and would love to come out and scout your fields and talk to you about your crop needs.  We carry bulk and bagged fertilizer.   We work with other businesses to provide soil sampling and testing.  


We also have a variety of toys, greeting cards, gifts, and more.  Stop by and see what we have to offer. 


Monday - Friday:  8am - 5pm

Saturdays:  8am - Noon

Closed on Sundays 

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