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Poultry Feeds
Horse Feeds
Non GMO Grain
Products and Services 
Purina Mills & Mazuri Animal Feeds 

We carry a full line of Purina Mills and Mazuri feed products.  We can also advance order any product that we do not keep in stock.  All of your animals from A to Z, your backyard to your barnyard.  Let us help make your animals better.  Better animals make better people.  You can find out more information about products available at and at  We also grind and mix.  You can bring in your own recipe for us to mix up for you. 


Pet Food & Pet Supplies

 We carry a great selection of pet foods in the Exclusive, Infinia, and Red Flannel lines from PMI NutritionExclusive pet food is pet food with a purpose.  Made with real chicken and only wholesome ingredients, your pet is sure to love it.  Infinia pet food is our holistic line of pet food.  It is made from superfoods to support immunity, vitality, and longevity.  Red Flannel pet foods, as comforting as the fabric for which it is named.  You will also find a wide selection of pet supplies at Hamel Coop.  Don't forget to ask about our frequent purchase programs on our pet foods.

 Lawn & Garden - Seeds & Supplies  

We have a great supply of garden and flower seeds.  From beans to zucchini, stop by and check out our new selection.  We also have fertilizers and pest controls products for your lawn and garden.  Gardening is the #1 most popular hobby in the U.S.  Stop by and check out our new selection of garden seeds and supplies.




Wild Bird & Wildlife - Feed & Supplies

We have a great selection of wild bird and bird feeders for our feathered friends.  Bird watching the the 2nd most popular hobby in the U.S. We also have a great selection of products for Wildlife, from Deer Blocks to Squirrel Chow.  We can keep your furry friends happy too.  Find out more about the great selection of wildlife products available at





Animal & Farm Supplies

We carry a full line of animal and farm supplies.  You will find a nice selection of the following products; gloves, rubber boots, live traps, mouse baits, insect control products for your home and farm, pond supplies, pesticides, electric fencers and supplies, feeders for a variety of animals, grooming supplies, halters, animal health products, first aid products and supplies, milk replacers, and vaccinations.  Stop by and take a look around, you will be suprised at what you find.



Grain Elevator

We are also a full service grain elevator.  We have 2 dumps in Hamel at our location.  We also offer grain merchandising, including but not limited to:  river terminal delivery options, forward contracting, defered pricing programs, HTA contracts, basis contracts, average marketing programs, and a grain bank for our feed customers.  Talk to Amy today for all your grain merchandising needs.



 Fertilizer - Bulk & Bagged

We carry an assortment of bagged fertilizer for lawn and garden use.  We also carry bulk fertilizer for agricultural use.  We have buggies available for spreading the bulk fertilizer on your field. In the Fall of 2015 we purchased a Terragator for all the field spreading of fertilizer as well!  With our Terragator we also offer VRT spreading.  We currently work with SGS Laboratories (formerly Alvey Labs) in Hamel for soil sampling, grid sampling, VRT, and to create fertilizer prescriptions for your farm.  We also carry agricultural grade limestone for garden, field, and to use around your farm.