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Past Employees
Meet our Past Employees from Hamel Coop. 

Dave Geiger - Past Manager 

Manager Dave Geiger worked at Hamel Coop from April 1, 1990 thru September 12, 2014.  He is behind many of the innovations and the changes that have made the coop the success that it is today.  Manager Geiger is a very hands on manager.  When you stopped by Hamel Coop, you can find him almost anywhere.  He was often in the store working on grain merchandising, settlements, and the day to day operations of the coop.  But you could also find him out loading fertilizer, dumping grain, loading feed and seed.  Dave is a University of Illinois graduate and is a avid Illini fan.  He has been a Illini basketball season ticket holder for 10 years.  Dave and his wife, Gerise, live in the rural Marine area.  In his free time you will find him working around the house or playing on a fast pitch softball team during the summer.  Past Board President, Rodney Klenke had this to say about Dave, "When I was first elected to the Coop board, I found that Dave had a vision to improve the services and the profitablity of the Coop.  He was instrumental in bringing this vision to reality.  Now the Coop property is up to date, well maintainted, and neat.  Dave continues to strive to offer the Coop's patrons top-notch services."   Here is what past Board President, Duane Meyer had to say about Dave, "I was President of the Co-op board when Olin Hesi retired. The Board interviewed a couple of candidates for Manager with no one really impressing the Board members.  Upon hearing that Dave was working at Pierron and possibly looking for a Managerial position, I contacted him and set up his interview. Dave interviewed well with the Board members and he was offered the job. The rest is history.  Dave's strong points for the job were his agricultural background from kid on, his patience in handling situations, his grain marketing knowledge, and his ability to deal with customers.  Dave has done an excellent job in winning over the customers confidence and in his financial management of the co-op. He has also allowed his employees to grow in their job. Thanks Dave!"  Dave has "retired" in order to return home to his family farm.  This is a dream that many of us share and Dave is able to live the dream.  We wish Dave the best of luck in the future.