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Non GMO Grain Programs Available Thru Cahokia Grain and Hamel Coop

Delivery Point is Cahokia Grain in Cahokia, IL 



Cahokia Grain is offering a 2017 Non-GMO Corn Program for the 2016 & 2017 harvest.  There is a premium on approved Non-GMO corn bushels.  The premium varies based on buyer, typically in the $0.15 per bushel range. 


The Delivery periods are as follows:

December - January

January - February

February - March

March - April


All Non-GMO corn bushels are to be delivered upon the Buyer's Call.


If you have any questions or interest in booking any Non-GMO corn bushels for this program please feel free to call Amy at 618-633-2215.   


If you are interested in participating in the Non-GMO Programs offered we encourage you to contact Amy in order to get the proper paperwork and fill out the forms in advance.  This way we can alert you when a delivery period is approaching if you have Non-GMO Grain in storage.  Filling out the application does not commit or forward contract any bushels.  This is just a way to avoid filling out paperwork at the last minute and you will only have to fill out the application once per crop year.