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Hamel Coop Triva
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Hamel Cooperative Grain Co. was formed on March 24 of this year?

a. 1919                                    b. 1920


c. 1921                                    d. 1918


The first directors of Hamel Coop consisted of 7 men, who was the first president?

a. Aug. Bettmann                    b. John F. Renken

c. Aug Ohm                            d. J. King Eaton

            Note: the other three directors were George Cassens, E. H. Mueller, and

                      Wm. Langendorf.


On April 23, of the above year, the Coop purchased the existing Hamel elevator and feed store from the following person?

a. W.L. Wolf                           b. George Cassens

c. Wm. Schroeder                   d. Mr. Richter


The cost of the elevator, feed store, office, and grounds at that time was?

a. $12,500.00              b. $8,500.00                c. $10,000.00


On April 24 of that year, the Coop employed which of the following as it’s first manager?

a. Albert Bayer                        b. Wm. Ohm

c. L.F. Steinmann                    d. Walter Leichsenring


The existing Elevator at Hamel was originally built, around the year 1911, by what man?

a. W.L. Wolf               b. Geo. Cassens           c. Wm. Schroeder


On September 4, of that year, 174 shares of stock were distributed at what rate per share?

a. $25.00         b. $50.00         c. $75.00         d. $100.00


At the 1st Annual Meeting, the Coop showed a net loss of $6803.24. At that time the stockholders decided to change the number of directors on the board to?

a. 6                  b. 5                  c. 9                  d. 8


A month after the 2nd annual meeting, after a loss of $3658.22 for the year, the stockholders gave the board the power to?

a. close Coop                           b. sell Coop                                                   c. lease Elevator to Cassens   d. hire a new manager


During the first years of Hamel Coop, the directors were paid how much for their time?

a. $3.00/day                b. $50.00/year             c. $5.00/meeting




The second man to serve as President of the Coop, starting in 1929 was?

a. Wm. Krejci                          b. John F. Renken

c. Wm. Vieth                           d. J. King Eaton


Which of the following merchandise items that Hamel Coop sold, were not shipped in by railcar?

a. Cement        b. Coal             c. Lime            d. Sand           

e. Flour            f. Feed             g. Gravel


The brand name of flour sold during 1923 was?

a. Autumn Leaf                       b. Pillsbury

c. Allied                                  c. Ralston


On Dec. 9, 1922, the Coop agreed to lease the ground north of the Elevator to which of the following Dairy Co.’s as a milk receiving station?

a. Alhambra Dairy                   b. Worden Dairy

c. Hamel Dairy                        d. Prairie Farms Dairy


On March 23, 1923, the Coop hired Walter Leichsenring as Manager. How long was Walter the Manager?

a. 1 year           b. 10 years       c. 18 years       d. 25 years


At the Annual Meeting in 1930, the stockholders voted to reduce the number of directors to?

a. 7                  b. 8                  c. 6                  d. 5


Over the history of the Coop, the following brand of feed was not sold?

a. Wayne         b. Purina          c. Blue Seal

d. Moorman’s              e. Eclipse


From June, 1940 til Sept. 2, 1943, the Coop had many different Managers. Which of the following were not Manager during this time?

a. Pearl Ketchum         b. Fred Wiehe             c. Henry Saathoff

d. Oscar Wheeler        e. Elmer Moritz           f. Otto Dittes


On Sept. 25, 1944, the Board of Hamel Coop voted to sell the Coop to ____________ upon approval of two thirds of the Stockholders?

a. Alhambra Elevator              b. Madison Service Co.

c. Troy Grain                           d. Worden Elevator

            Note: The proposal failed by a vote of 120 against to 27 for.


During the tenure of Manager Elmer Moritz, Sept. 1, 1944 thru Sept. 13, 1970, he was recognized as a top salesman of what?

a. Swift fertilizer                     b. Dekalb seed corn

c. Purina feed                          d. Funks seed corn


In 1945, the Coop voted to reorganize under the 1923 Coop Act.  All stock was recalled and new stock was issued at the following price?

a. $50.00/share                        b. $25.00/share

c. $75.00/share                        d. $100.00/share


During the fall of 1947, what major building project started and was completed by Feb. 1948?

a. New tile office                    b. Addition to feed shed

c. New fertilizer shed    



On March 25, 1950, the Coop agreed to buy the following Elevator for $2500.00?

a. Mont Station                       b. Klueter’s

c. Worden                               d. Carpenter

            Note: During 1950, an office building and scale were added at this location.


Prevailing wages during 1953 for the employees of Hamel Coop were how much per hour?

a. $1.36                                   b. $.96

c. $1.66                                   c. $.1.96


On May 13, 1956, the Coop agreed to buy what Elevator for $7750.00?

a. Worden                               b. Staunton

c. Klueter’s                              d. Mont Station


On March 12 of what year did the Board agree to build a 28’ X 100’ shed to hold bulk fertilizer?

a. 1956                                    b. 1957

c. 1958                                    d. 1959


In May of 1959, the Board agreed to purchase this piece of labor saving equipment?

a. truck auger unloader           b. feed grinder

c. seed cleaner                         d. scoop shovel


August 27, 1965, Coop agreed to lease this feed store starting Sept. 20, 1965 for $600.00 per month, for 5 years?

a. Alhambra                             b. Klueter’s

c. Mont Station                       d. Troy Grain


On Aug. 7, 1969, the Coop approved to put this elevator up for sale.  It was not until March 22, 1971 that the board agreed to sell it to Troy Grain for $2000.00?

a. Klueter’s                              b. Carpenter

c. Hamel                                  d. Mont Station

            Note: To our knowledge, Troy Grain never actually operated this facility.


On Aug 15, 1969, the Coop was recognized for what of significance?

a. #1 Purina dealer in Illinois  b. 50th Aniversity

c. Largest Coop in Area         


On March 20, 1970, the board terminated its lease on the Klueter’s Feed Store, effective June 20, 1970. This property now houses the QT gas station. What did the Klueter Feed Store house before it was torn down?

a. Fat Cats bar                         b. Shananagan’s Rest.

c. Granny’s Rocker bar           d. Vanzo’s


On Aug. 29, 1970, this man was hired Manager to replace Elmer Moritz, effective Sept. 14, 1970?

a. Olin Hesi                             b. Harry Renken

c. Irvin Edwards                     d. John Thomas


What employee of Swift Fertilizer Co. was instrumental in getting a bulk fertilizer blender installed at Hamel in 1970?

a. Happy Easter                       b. Merry Christmas

c. Big John                              d. Elmer Fudd


This gentleman served as Purina District Sales Rep. For the Hamel area during the early 1970’s?

a. Jack Lister                           b. Bob Michaud

c. Harry Renken                      d. Scott Anderson


This gentleman, hired in 1970 as Manager, was instrumental in putting Hamel Coop back on its feet and operating in the black?

a. Olin Hesi                             b. Harry Renken

c. Irvin Edwards                     d. John Thomas


In Feb. 1974, the Coop agreed to purchase its first payloader from which Hamel businessman?

a. Ron Long                            b. Carl Steinmann

c. Paul Steinmann                   d. Wm. Meyer


Between 1974 and 1988, how many grain bins were put up at Hamel and at Carpenter?

a. 3/2               b. 5/0               c. 4/1               d. 4/0               e. 5/1


This piece of equipment was purchased in 1977 and put in at the Carpenter facility?

a. Seed cleaner                        b. Roller mill

c. New grinder                                    d. Corn sheller


Who, as President of the Coop, in 1976, suggested to the Board that future planning for a new office and scale should be investigated?

a. Wilmer Klenke                    b. Duane Meyer

c. Carl Steinmann                    d. Willard Blasé

Note: New office and scale was started in 1977, with work completed in Feb. of 1978. This gentleman oversaw the building project by R.W. Boeker of Hamel. Scale purchased and installed by Fairbanks.


On Aug 23, 1989, this gentleman was hired to replace Olin Hesi as Manager?

a. Dave Geiger                        b. Bob Keck

c. Mark Goodson                    d. Tom Keck


Manager Geiger was responsible for purchasing which of the following equipment within his first 2 years on the job?

a. Welder         b. Torch           c. Air compressor        d. Computer system

e. New moisture meter            f. New grain tester weigh scale


In Dec. 1997, this gentleman was hired to replace Harry Renken as Assistant Manager?

a. David Denson                     b. Terry Albrecht

c. Steve Ellis                           d. Wilbur Hess


In 1999, the Coop agreed to put up a new grain leg and grain bin. What is the height of the new grain leg?

a. 100 ft.          b. 110 ft.         c. 120 ft.          d. 90 ft.


In the year 2001, the Coop will put up a new grain bin. How many bushels will it hold?

a. 50,000                                 b. 55,000

c. 65,000                                 d. 60,000