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Past Employees
Meet the Employees at Hamel Co-op. 


Amy Rogier - General Manager  2014 Outstanding Women in Agribusiness -

When you stop by the store you will often find Amy behind the counter or out calling on customers.  Amy has worked at Hamel Co-op since September 8, 2003.  She started out as the Feed & Seed Specialist and has climbed the ladder to Assistant Manager and now General Manager.  Amy is a Certified Crop Adviser and keeps up her certification by putting in many hours every year to keeping up her certification.  Amy is behind many of the changes at Hamel Co-op including the store remodel.  She also started the sales of baby chicks which has grown over the years and is now one of our most successful yearly events.  Amy can help you with anything, from finding the correct ration for your livestock, to the right fertilizer and seed for your fields, to marketing your grain.  Amy was the first female president of the Madison County Fair Association, Amy was on the executive fair board from 2008-2014 and is still a member of the general fair board.  Amy was also named the 2014 Outstanding Women in Agribusiness at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield in 2014.  This is a great achievement and we are all very proud of her accomplishments.  Amy lives in Hamel with her dogs; Barrett, JD, and Mugsy.  Amy loves tractor pulling, especially when her father, Dale Rogier or brother, Michael Rogier is pulling in the 9500# Limited Pro Stock Class, Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades is the name of the family tractor.  She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her boyfriend Gary.  "We have a great family here at Hamel Co-op with our employees and our customers.  I truly feel blessed to be a part of such a time honored tradition that Hamel Co-op has become."  stated Manager Rogier.  Amy is truly a dedicated employee and has grown into a great asset to the company.  




 Dylan Wear - Agronomy & Feed Specialist - 

Dylan joined us at Hamel Co-op on September 5, 2017.  Dylan is currently residing in Rosewood Heights, IL with his girlfriend, Jestine, and originally from Bunker Hill, IL area.  Dylan is a Western Illinois University May 2017 graduate with a degree in Agronomy.  Dylan completed several internships in college with Pioneer and CHS.  Dylan is a avid sports fan, he faithfully follows Cardinal baseball and Rams football.  His favorite athlete is LeBron James.  In his free time he enjoys golf and racoon hunting.  "Dylan is a great addition to Hamel Co-op, he has a great agronomy background and has already made a great connection with our customers during yield checks and sales calls."  stated Manager Rogier.  


Mike Henke - Senior Outside Laborer

Mike Henke has been working at Hamel Co-op since 1995.  He has worked at both the Hamel location and at our former Carpenter location with his father, Al Henke.  Mike and his wife Deana have 3 boys, Jonathan, Jordan, and Jared.  Mike also became a Grandpa in late 2015, Congratulations Mike!  Mike and his family have a variety of pets at their home in Worden, that includes; dogs, hamsters, goldfish, and a parakeet.  Mike loves to spend time with his boys.  They enjoy fishing, bike riding, and walking.  Mike also loves to work outside, and he is always willing to lend a helping hand to anybody.  He enjoys being a member of the Worden Volunteer Fire Department.  Mike also has a great sense of humor and often jokes around with the customers and employees.  Mike said “I hope that we give you all prompt and good service.”   Former Manager, Geiger notes that Mike has been a dependable asset to the Co-op over the years and is a major factor in the elevators recent success.  Mike is always on the go at Hamel Co-op.  He handles many of our deliveries and is always ready to work on any task at hand.  "Mike is a huge asset to Hamel Co-op and knows the equipment and facilities like the back of his hand.  He is a hard worker and is always willing to do whatever it takes."  stated Manager Amy Rogier. 





Tim Lewis - Outside Laborer

Tim Lewis has been working at Hamel Co-op since March 19, 2016.  Tim lives outside of White City, IL where he lives with his wife, Deb.  Tim loves his dogs and cats, and Deb's horses.  Tim wants to take a Mississippi River cruise on a paddleboat some day.  Tim previously worked with bin construction company traveling constantly, his favorite part of working at Hamel Co-op is being at home every night.  Tim will often be found outside working in the feed shed.  "I enjoying working with my co-workers and I also enjoy our customers" states Tim.   "Tim is a great fit at Hamel Co-op.  He is willing to work on anything we need and always willing to lend a helping hand."  states Manager Rogier. 




John Payne - Outside Laborer

John Payne has been working at Hamel Co-op since September 6, 2016.  John lives in Brighton, IL and enjoys hunting in his spare time.  John's pride and joy is his truck, the Black Bullet.  He enjoys going to truck shows and making sure his truck shines bright like a diamond.  When asking him about his truck he states "it's just money."  John has proven to be a great asset at Hamel Co-op.  He jumps in where ever we need him to and he gets the job done.  John also handles deliveries at the Co-op and you will find him in the Terragator often in Spring and Fall.  John shared that "I enjoy working with my co-workers."   "John is a great asset to Hamel Co-op.  He takes the initiative to improve our productivity."  states Manager Rogier

Brian Schneider - Outside Laborer

Brian Schneider has been working at Hamel Co-op since February 20, 2017.  Brian is a devoted family man and lives in Dorsey, IL with his wife or 12 years, Heather and their 3 children; Austin, Grace, and Wyatt.  Brian spends his free time with his family fishing and working on building up their small farm in Dorsey.  When asking him about his time at Hamel Co-op he states "I really enjoy the people and learning new things."  Brian has proven to be a great asset at Hamel Co-op.  He jumps in where ever we need him to and he is not afraid to get dirty.  Brian can be found working in the feed shed, mixing fertilizer, and loading customers orders at the Co-op.  Brian shared that "I am enjoying getting to know my co-workers and customers."   "Brian is a great asset to Hamel Co-op.  He fits right in and has a bright future at Hamel Co-op."  states Manager Rogier


Chandler Brown- Outside Laborer (Part Time)

Chandler Brown has been working at Hamel Co-op since November 29, 2016.  Chandler is from the Edwardsville area and returned to the area after a honorable discharge from the US Army.  Chandler is currently attending SIUE for construction management and working part time.  "Chandler is a great asset to Hamel Co-op.  Our customers have stated that Chandler is very friendly and polite."  stated Manager Rogier.  Chandler states "I am so thankful that Hamel Co-op is working with my school schedule."

Dakota Reckmann -2018 Summer Intern (Current Part Time)

Dakota started working at Hamel Co-op on September 16, 2017 part time on weekends home from college to prepare for his summer internship.   Dakota is from the Hamel area and is currently attending SouthEast Missouri State for Animal Science.  He is currently working part time when he is home on the weekends and on breaks to prepare for his summer internship.  "We are excited to be able to offer Dakota this opportunity to further his education hands on.  Dakota will be a great asset to Hamel Co-op."  stated Manager Rogier.  



Charlotte Weber - Bookeeper (Part Time)

Charlotte Weber started working at Hamel Coop on September 26, 2014.  Charlotte is from the Hamel area where she still lives with her husband Pat, who farms, and daughter Grace, who attends Metro East Luthern High School and is on the cross country team and trap team.  She grew up on the family farm and has an degree from McKendree in Accounting Management and Business Administration.  Charlotte has been a Party Lite Consultant for years and has been a stay at home Mom since Grace was young.  Charlotte has decided to come to Hamel Coop part time and help out with the bookeeping and accounting.  "Charlotte is a pleasure to work with always smiling and has a bubbly personality.  She is a hard worker and is excited to learn about everything at Hamel Coop."  stated Manager Amy Rogier.  Charlotte said “I saw the sign that Hamel Coop was looking for some office help, and I thought to myself, hey I can do that.”   Charlotte is a great person and her smile and enthusiasm is contagious.  Charlotte is the official 'bean counter' of Hamel Coop, however you will not find her out in a grain bin counting beans.